LestaUSA Suction Blow Off

Save Time and Resources During Drying

Manufacturers involved in powder coating and painting struggle with getting rid of as much moisture as possible before the parts enter the dry-off oven. This moisture is often hidden in pockets and other hard-to-reach points, which can contribute to costly paint defects. Most companies rely on someone to manually blow off every part.

Manually blowing off parts is costly and tedious, making it hard to keep this position filled. Since this is so vital to the success of a system, manufacturers often resort to other methods such as re-engineering parts so they contain more drain holes, or turning up the oven temperature to bake off any moisture hidden in recesses.

Lesta robots are available with a special attachment to robotically blow off or suck out trapped water on parts before they enter the dry-off oven. Just as these robots can be programmed painting, finishing line attendants can do the same for drying where robots are guided through the appropriate sequence to ensure moisture is eliminated. The program can be made without a gap in production and called up when that part is ready for the paint line.


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Not Your Typical Robot

Lesta robots record the movement and spray technique of your best painter in a weightless self-learning mode. The skills of the painter are then saved and repeated on future jobs.

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Robotic Painting & Finishing On Day One

Unlike most robotic painting & finishing systems, Lesta robots do not require complicated programming or teach pendants. It’s so easy that, following installation, you can be painting & finishing robotically on Day One.

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Any Size, Any Job

Built for industrial painting & finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials.

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