Complicated Programming Or Teaching Pendants?  
Not Here.

Lesta robots are self-learning so they mirror intricate human movements without the need for complicated programming or a teach pendant.

During the self-learning mode, a finishing specialist initiates a programming sequence while every single motor in the robot is disengaged. The finishing specialist then manipulates the robot with the help of pneumatics. In this free-float learning mode, encoders in all of the robot’s joints record the motions of the finishing specialist as the training paint job happens. As the movements and gun trigger pulls are recorded, the Lesta robotic software creates the code.

At this point, the finishing specialist initiates the program and sees the end results minutes after programming the robot.

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Meet The LeBot MV

Lightweight, versatile with smooth human-like movement. The LeBot MV has quick, easy-to-use self-learning software that controls the gun and end effector, not just the robot arm for painting and finishing applications. With no need for a robotic teach pendent, you can control up to 10 axes for rotation, side to side, forwards and backwards, and up and down movement to paint complicated parts typically best painted by the decisions of a human.


  • 5- and 6-axis articulated robot with aluminum arms
  • Works in self-learning mode, point-to-point, self-programming scan, or offline 3D
  • Customizable control handle for easy recording during self-learning mode
  • Increases speed of manually taught program by up to 50%
  • Includes LeCrob control panel with touchscreen LCD monitor
  • Available in different lengths to cover any work area
  • Supplied in multiple configurations:  on the ground, carousel, ground rail, or hung on a fixed structure or bridge crane


  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Fiberglass
  • Suction/Blow-Off
  • Self-Programming Scan


  • Store datasheets and images to part programs
  • Multiple languages
  • Alarm management and log event
  • Multi-level user access
  • Internet remote support
  • Interfacing with external databases for production control
  • Smartphone connection


Technical Data

  • Robot axis: 5-6
  • External axis: 6
  • Wrist capacity: 4 Kg
  • Robot weight: 400 Kg
  • Electronics: LeCrob STD
  • Programming: Self-learning, point-to-point, self-programming, offline 3D


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Increase your working area by mounting the robot on a metal aerial structure.

  • Cost effectively covers large surface areas
  • Allows you to automate painting at unsafe heights
  • Automatically follows the painter along the crane with Follow-Me function

Floor Carriage

Increase linear working area by mounting the robot on a floor track structure.

  • Allows automation for long linear parts 
  • Robot can synchronize with the conveyor for faster painting speeds
  • Robot easily follows the finishing technician during self-learning mode 


Paint in tight spaces without the need for a conveyor system to move the parts in front of the robot.

  • Allows loading and unloading of arms while painting
  • Options for design with 2, 3 or 4 arms
  • Offers lower cost painting solution

Rotation Groups

Aerial and ground rotation groups make it easy to rotate parts during painting with proprietary technology that engages and turns the sprocket/hook.

  • Adds easily to any existing conveyor line
  • Allows you to stop and rotate parts as needed
  • Replaces item at its original position or in a new position at the completion of painting

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