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Lesta robots are self-learning so they mirror intricate human movements without the need for complicated programming or a teach pendant.

During the self-learning mode, a finishing specialist initiates a programming sequence while every single motor in the robot is disengaged. The finishing specialist then manipulates the robot with the help of pneumatics. In this free-float learning mode, encoders in all of the robot’s joints record the motions of the finishing specialist as the training paint job happens. As the movements and gun trigger pulls are recorded, the Lesta robotic software creates the code.

At this point, the finishing specialist initiates the program and sees the end results minutes after programming the robot.

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LeBot MV

Powder Application with Wagner withOUT FINISHER-min

Lightweight, versatile with smooth human-like movement. The LeBot MV has quick, easy-to-use self-learning software that controls the gun and end effector, not just the robot arm for painting and finishing applications.

  • No need for a robotic teach pendent
  • Control up to 10 axes for rotation
  • Paint complicated parts 
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LestaUSA Suction Blow Off Robots at DSW-min

Eliminate water pockets without the need for manual blow-off or the re-engineering of parts to include more drain holes. Also reduces the need for drying at higher oven temperatures for energy savings.

  • Programs can be made and ready for the next part to eliminate gaps in production
  • Reduces presence of moisture that can contribute to paint defects
  • Automates the work of a finishing line attendant
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2D + 3D Scanning

Panels Drawers Carousel 9947

Now there’s a solution to increase capacity of finishing for drawers, panels and doors. Only one operator is needed to load and unload products and it improves the speed of your painting process by 50% while occupying only a small footprint.

  • Improves consistency and quality
  • Lowers paint consumption
  • Improves working conditions for the operator
  • Optimizes costs and increases profit margins
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