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Powder Coating Robot

Finish more parts without hiring

With Lesta Self-Learning Robots and Automated Finishing Solutions, you can finish more parts while freeing up your current labor force to accomplish more with less stress. Plus, you can be up and running Day One following installation.

  • Requires only your painter – no robotic programmers needed
  • Results in more than just a painting path; solution provides tools for painters to adjust parameters and presets for successful automation of day-to-day production
  • Empowers painters to use their application knowledge so the robot becomes an extension of themselves
  • Increases engagement from your team by giving them more control over production
  • Frees up painters to focus on improving quality
  • Works with any existing or new system–continuous, power & free, batch or cart
  • Built, integrated and supported in the USA


Lesta Self-Learning Powder Coating Robots

  • Robot motors disengage quickly and easily to enter a weightless learning mode
  • Painter teaches the robot how to paint a particular piece in real time
  • Robot records every gun angle, trigger pull, and painting preset
  • Program is saved and ready to automatically paint that part any time in the future
  • New programs can be taught without stopping or a gap in the line
  • Software allows painters to fine tune programs and save optimized recipes

Lesta Movement Solutions

  • Rotation Groups – allow one robot to paint complete part from one position
  • Floor Carriage – increases linear working range for long or wide parts
  • Aerial Chariot – adds unlimited working range in any direction for covering large surface areas and automating painting at unsafe heights
Lesta Finishing Technology for Your Paint Line
  • Production Manager – automatically pass part recipes and programs to the robot
  • QR Code Scanners & High Temp Tags – pass part recipe information to any scanner
  • Synchro –allows conveyor line to adapt to changing line speeds of the program
  • Painting Parameter Controls – modify flow rate, atomization and fan opening
  • Color Change – customize application integration for any set up
  • Point Studio - online programming software for sections or entire program
  • IP Video Cameras - monitor your system from any computer, tablet or cell phone

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Polifluid's® Benefits for Finishing Technology

Derek DeGeest and Bill Robinson join the podcast to talk about Polifluid® and the benefits it brings to powder finishing.

KEY POINTS | New tech that revolutionizes powder applications > Put it together with Lesta Robots is a game-changing solution > Can be used on manual and robotic systems

LestaUSA Powder Coating Solution

Did You Know?

Automating a painting process is more than a robot spraying parts. It’s automating part transfer to maximize the robot’s potential for continuous spraying.

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