Powder Application with Nordson withOUT FINISHER

Pulver Control - Integrated by DeGeest


Get precise flow readings from the gun.

DeGeest is in collaboration with Germany-based Pulver Control to bring powder flow control sensors and software to North America.

Use with any automatic powder gun on robots, reciprocators or fixed gun systems to maintain balanced flow out of every gun.

Get peace of mind knowing your guns are working optimally with monitors to display flow. No more poor gun performance, uneven coverage, line stoppage or expensive rework. Just set your thresholds and get notifications when powder flow becomes compromised due to equipment wear or clogged gun tips.

Peace of Mind

  • Delivers 24/7 remote monitoring of powder flow
  • Displays actual flow of powder in real time
  • Sends email or text notifications to any mobile device
  • Allows custom threshold alerts
  • Stops the line before a severe flow issue causes expensive rework

Less Rework

  • Saves the optimized flow rate setting at each gun
  • Monitors display actual flow compared to optimized flow rate standard
  • Allows each gun to be adjusted to any variable to maintain balanced coverage
  • Provides higher quality finish
  • Ensures continuous layer thickness
  • Creates a more stable system

For Any Automatic Powder Gun

  • Robotic systems
  • Reciprocating systems
  • Fixed gun systems


Pulver Control

What It Is
An addition to any powder line, this system monitors the powder flow through the gun in real time.

Why You Need It
Provides peace of mind knowing the actual performance of each of your individual guns are working within your set parameters. The system displays the precise flow to ensure proper gun performance and even coverage can be achieved.

How It Works
Precise flow sensors record, save and monitor actual flow of powder for each part or recipe. This flow data is saved along with set ranges to provide notifications to supervisors and operators if performance is affected. Receive alerts on any mobile device when powder flow becomes compromised due to equipment wear or clogged gun tips or changes in delivery of powder from equipment or running out of powder.


Pulver Control


Did You Know?
Pulver Control lets you know precise powder flow to ensure proper gun performance. Learn more about Pulver Control.

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Not Your Typical Robot

There are two ways Lesta robots automate the finishing process so you can increase capacity without hiring. In a weightless self-learning mode, the robot duplicates the precise movements of your best painter and repeats them on future parts. Or, it can be programmed using a 2D or 3D scanner to paint panels, drawers, boxes and doors.

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Robotic Painting & Finishing On Day One

Unlike most robotic painting & finishing systems, Lesta robots do not require complicated programming or teach pendants. It’s so easy that, following installation, you can be painting & finishing robotically on Day One.

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Any Size, Any Job

Built for industrial painting & finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials.

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