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The DeGeest Connection

DeGeest Corporation is a metal fabrication company located in Tea, South Dakota. With a focus on large steel production weldments for Original Equipment Manufacturers across multiple industries, the company sought to bring automation to its finishing process for greater efficiency and to eliminate a growing bottleneck in production.

After a lengthy search, the company discovered Lesta near Milan, Italy. Knowing other North American manufacturers shared the same frustration, the two companies formed a new entity – LestaUSA.

Today, LestaUSA is a product integrated by DeGeest Corporation. The company’s facility in Tea, South Dakota is home to LestaUSA, where robots are designed, built, and integrated for distribution across North America. Research and development are also done at this location.

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Integration Checklist

We believe finishing integration is more than just providing a robot that sprays parts. From assessment and system design, all the way through integration and support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your solution was born in a production environment and tested by a team that uses what we sell every day.


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Leading Manufacturing Forward

LestaUSA customers benefit from the peace of mind of knowing our partnership can deliver in-house design, manufacturing, integration, and support for our solutions across the USA and Canada. This approach has made us the leader for integration of self-learning robots in North America.

1st self-learning robot in North America
1st + Only NRTL certified self-learning robots for hazardous environments
1st to use self-learning robots in a production environment
1st self-learning robot center for R&D, Test Labs, and integration
1st + Most self-learning robots integrated into a continuous conveyor line
1st + Most self-learning robots integrated into a power and free conveyor line
1st + Most self-learning robots integrated into batch booths
1st + Most self-learning carousels installed
1st + Most self-learning gantry robots installed
1st + Most self-learning robots & software integrated with autonomous carts
1st + Most multiple robot systems installed
1st + Most self-learning repeat customer orders
1st + Most integrated automatic production management software for conveyor line management
1st to develop production monitoring software for system optimization + training
1st self-learning robots integrated with automatic powder systems for pre & post touch up
1st self-learning robot system integrated with tip cleaning
1st + Only self-learning system introduced in the world with suction blow-off solution
1st + Most industry equipment company partnerships
1st + Most distributor partnerships
1st system integrated with Wagner Venturi powder equipment and 1k & 2k systems w/ full gun control
1st system integrated with Nordson Venturi & HD powder equipment
1st system integrated with Gema Venturi powder equipment
1st system integrated with Graco with pressure pot, 1Ke and 2ke w/ full gun control
1st system integrated with Sames Kremlin 1k and 2k systems w/ gun control
1st system integrated with Carlisle 2k systems w/ full control
1st + Most service plans provided to customers
1st + Most customer service renewals after 1-year warranty
Most self-learning robots in North America


Application Package: Powder or Liquid

What It Is
The Day One Application Package includes proven collaboration from application industry in DeGeest’s test lab, validating your unique application set up, integration, testing, and installation of all robot application equipment. 

Why You Need It
Peace of mind to ensure you have a production proven set up and you’re ready for production Day One following installation. 

How It Works
All equipment that interfaces with your Lesta robot is shipped to our Test Lab + Integration Center direct from application equipment manufacturers. Your system is set up and tested to make sure everything connects and functions accordingly prior to installation. 




Did You Know?
We provide integration, testing, and installation of all robot application equipment. Learn more about our Application Packages for Powder or Liquid.

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Day One Ready

What It Is
Using our automation experience, our engineering and application teams will design fixtures for each type of selected part that will run through your system and will take into account both part presentation, repeatability and system optimization.

Why You Need It
Ensures your parts are properly presented to your robot with a proven fixture so your system is Day One ready for production training with our application specialists. This allows your painters to concentrate on learning how to train your robot instead of worrying about how they are going to hang the parts.

How It Works
Ship us your parts and corresponding hanging system. We’ll analyze them, run them through our system or 3D simulation, and if necessary, collaborate with you to build a prototype fixture for each part and will test them in our Test Labs + Integration Center for fit and function. All prints and files will be shared with you in time to fabricate the fixtures yourself, or we can fabricate them at DeGeest.




Did You Know?
Day One Ready ensures all your parts are properly presented to the robot. Learn more about Day One Ready.

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Project Engineering

What It Is
We’ll engineer your system layout adhering to your production goals, specify required space for robotics to work with your unique system, all its electrical and air requirements, and then make sure everything connects, right down to PLC programming.

Why You Need It
To ensure your customized system works seamlessly and all system components are laid out correctly and can talk to each other. We provide 2D CAD and 3D layouts to ensure our robotic system will integrate into whatever challenges your site has prior to us arriving to set up your system. This decreases the installation time and gets your system up and running faster.

How It Works
We’ll provide detailed design prints for sign-off, followed by a pre-install checklist that includes everything your local contractors need to prepare your electrical and utilities. Then, we’ll work to have all pieces of your system meet our criteria so you’re ready for Day One Finishing.




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Our project engineers can get your system up and running faster. Learn more about Project Engineering.

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What It Is
Installation and integration of all components of the Lesta solution noted in the sales order by DeGeest’s trained automation and mechatronic technicians.

Why You Need It
For peace of mind that your Lesta system is installed by the same team that built your system, ensuring that it is ready for Day One Finishing.

How It Works
A pre-install checklist will be provided prior to shipment. When the checklist is complete and the order is shipped, a mechatronics crew will set up the system and automation technicians will integrate it to make sure proper communication is established. Finally, the application team will start the system so it’s ready for production.




Did You Know?
Lesta systems are installed by the same team that built them. Learn more about Installation.

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On-site Training + Support

What It Is
Onsite production training from a skilled robot application specialist to make sure your questions are answered and your team is trained on your system and how to use it.

Why You Need It
To help you achieve Day One Finishing after your system is installed.

How It Works
We bring all the pieces together using your own equipment so your staff is well-versed in safety, and operations including everything from morning startup, helping hit your first daily production goals, to evening shutdown.




Did You Know?
Our Onsite Training and Support make sure your questions are answered and your team is trained. Learn more about Onsite Training and Support.

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Any Size, Any Job

Built for industrial painting and finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials.

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Even Suction And Blow-Off Is Easy

Lesta robots can suction or blow off trapped water on parts during paint prep to free up your people to do other things. Less moisture means fewer paint defects.

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Not Your Typical Robot

Lesta painting and finishing robots record the movement and spray technique of your best painter in a weightless self-learning mode. The skills of the painter are then saved and repeated on future jobs.

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Experience it yourself

See this game-changing technology in the LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Corporation near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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