LestaUSA was born in response to an unmet need for painting and finishing automation. After a global search for answers, DeGeest Corporation discovered the Lesta self-learning robot. Lesta technology checked all the boxes in the company’s desire to bring automation to their finishing service line and is now sharing that solution with others through LestaUSA.

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IWF 2022 - LestaUSA integrated by DeGeest

LestaUSA distributed by DeGeest
Announcement at FABTECH 2021

LestaUSA Enters Wood Finishing Industry

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Lesta Brings Self-Learning Robots To North America


Lesta–Not Your Typical Robot
LestaUSA Suction Blow Off
LestaUSA Launch at FABTECH 2019

In The News

Powder Coating Tough - May/June 2020

Robotic Technology Brings New Alternative to Powder Coating Industry

What started as a challenge has, indeed, turned into an opportunity. Not just for DeGeest Steel Works, but for the entire powder coating industry. - Powder Coating Institute

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Canadian Fabricating & Welding - May 2020

Don't Be Afraid of Paint Automation

Painting and finishing robots can become an extension of a fabricator's team and multiply their efforts for the company to accomplish more. - Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation, and LestaUSA.

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Product Finishings - February 2020

LestaUSA Brings Self-Learning Robotic Finishing Technology to the US

It’s like capturing the knowledge of your best painter and hitting copy and repeat to free up your talent to help your company accomplish more. - Derek DeGeest

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ipcm - January / February 2020

Robot Automation as Key Driver of Development

We are always striving to push the boundaries on what is possible in manufacturing. - Derek DeGeest

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The Fabricator - November 2019

FABTECH Day 2 & 3: LestaUSA Revolutionizes Robotic Finishing

This week at FABTECH, LestaUSA officially launched, forever changing the landscape of automated finishing across North American manufacturing and fabrication industries.

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ipcm - November / December 2019

LestaUSA Brings European Robotic Technology To the United States

Our expansion into North America in partnership with LestaUSA was two years in the making. Now we can help US manufacturers gain efficiencies and peace of mind with our technology. - Emmanuel Mazza, Lesta SRL Founder

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SiouxFalls.Business - November 2019

Partnership Awards Showcases Economic Diversity

The commitment to their team and their community, along with their drive to be innovative highlights their recognition as Business Partner of the Year. - Nick Fosheim, Executive Director LCEDA-MCEDA

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The Fabricator - October 2019

Simplifying programming of a paint and powder robot

Our painter told me, "It’s hard to believe that’s me in there. I did that! - Derek DeGeest

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SiouxFalls.Business - July 2019

SBA's Honoree helps lead family business into next generation

We will continue to look for ways to multiply the efforts of our experienced, talented, hard-working team. - Derek DeGeest

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Tea Weekly - April 2019

Thune Visits Tea's DeGeest Steel Works, Co.

It’s exciting to see good things happening with South Dakota businesses. And see family businesses that have, not only survived for a really long time, but prospered, continued to grow, and do great things. South Dakota Representative Senator John Thune

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Argus Leader - November 2018

White House's Linda McMahon Visits Tea During Small Business Tour

Automation has not taken anybody’s job, (ADD a hard return here so "it" is on the next line.) it has created more jobs. You actually increase in business. - Linda McMahon, White House Cabinet Member and Head of the U.S. Small Business Administration

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Tea Weekly - September 2017

DeGeest Steel Works-A Stronger Standard

Making use of new technology has allowed us to increase production and efficiency. - Derek DeGeest

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