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The Story of LestaUSA

You may have noticed our logo says, “Lesta… integrated by DeGeest.” Here’s what it means.

DeGeest Corporation is a three-generation family-owned and operated business near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With its roots in metal fabrication, the company has since expanded its capabilities to encompass three primary service areas: Steel Works, Automation, and Finishing.

As the company grew, it found itself in the same position as many general manufacturers – they were not able to find a suitable automation solution to help eliminate backlogs in finishing.

A worldwide search for answers led to Italy.

After an exhaustive search for answers, DeGeest Corporation found the solution they were looking for in Milan, Italy with a company named Lesta.

“It was too good to be true,” said president, Derek DeGeest. “Lesta had self-learning painting and finishing robots that could be programmed to paint a specific part in just seconds. The robot is taught by an expert finisher already on staff, and then it repeats those same expert movements and trigger pulls on every part.”

DeGeest was so impressed after using Lesta self-learning robots on their paint lines that they forged a partnership with Lesta and has brought robotic finishing technology to the North American general industry market under the name LestaUSA.

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The DeGeest Connection

DeGeest Corporation is a metal fabrication company located in Tea, South Dakota. With a focus on large steel production weldments for Original Equipment Manufacturers across multiple industries, the company sought to bring automation to its finishing process for greater efficiency and to eliminate a growing bottleneck in production.

After a lengthy search, the company discovered Lesta near Milan, Italy. Knowing other North American manufacturers shared the same frustration, the two companies formed a new entity – LestaUSA.

Today, LestaUSA is a product integrated by DeGeest Corporation. The company’s facility in Tea, South Dakota is home to LestaUSA, where robots are designed, built, and integrated for distribution across North America. Research and development are also done at this location.

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