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Smart Choice Maintenance + Service Plan

Make your smart choice even smarter with the Smart Choice Preventive Maintenance Plan to give you peace of mind and save
money on maintenance, repair, and part costs. Keep your entire Lesta system up and running with our proven maintenance plan.
Choose from 3 plans to receive the level of direct access to our technical service team that is right for you.

When properly cared for, Lesta systems will last for decades. And, a well-maintained robotic system needs 20-30% fewer repairs and experiences less downtime. To better your odds of having your robot do the same, follow our proven Preventive Maintenance & Inspection schedule, including a list of recommended spare parts.

Smart Preventative Maintenance Agreement

What It Is
An annual maintenance check on your entire Lesta system.

Why You Need It
When properly cared for, self-learning robotic finishing systems will last for decades. Consider this an investment in ongoing care to help minimize problems that can lead to expensive repairs and system downtime.

How It Works
Through vast experience working with self-learning robots, we have developed a multi-point checklist for a proven maintenance plan where we provide an onsite inspection to check and tighten chains, update software, perform other diagnostics and answer any questions from your paint team interacting with the system.



Did You Know?
A proven maintenance plan can help you minimize problems. Learn more about our Smart Preventative Maintenance Agreement.

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Smart Service + Support Agreement 

What It Is
Three options for how to receive service and support for your Lesta system.

Why You Need It
To keep your system running and to minimize downtime.

How It Works
Choose between three plans.



Did You Know?
Our Smart Service and Support Agreements help keep your entire Lesta system up and running. Learn more about our Smart Service and Support Agreements.

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Smart Replacement Parts Kit 

What It Is
A kit of critical replacement parts to have on hand as backup for selected parts in the system that occasionally break during an unfortunate crash or common wear parts.

Why You Need It
Having parts on hand avoids any potential backorder or shipping delays to help reduce costly system downtime during production.

How It Works
We’ll provide a list of recommended spare parts that you will house onsite to expedite repairs. We also keep a large supply of parts in stock and ready to provide when needed.



Did You Know?
Our Smart Replacement Parts Kit helps you maintain your Lesta system while reducing downtime. Learn more about our Smart Replacement Parts Kit.

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