Paint Control Center A53I8103

Pro Stats

What It Is
Software on your robot that gathers real-time production data and sends it to a dashboard to graphically display how your system is doing.

Why You Need
It The Pro-Stats dashboard allows management to analyze production data from daily utilization rates, to comparing production history to watching for trends anywhere in the world in real time. It also allows management to easily set and communicate daily goals for the operators at each robot.

How It Works
Upon subscription to our service, a password will be created for one or more administrators to gain access to your Pro-Stats Dashboard. Users will see all real-time and historical production data of your system and select goals for each robot. These production goals will automatically be displayed on each robot HMI and provide real-time part count to help them reach each system!



Help management and operators analyze real-time and historical stats.

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Production Manager

What It Is
Allows your Lesta robot to automatically display SOPs and change programs on continuous and power & free conveyors or cart systems. As parts move through your system, standardized work instructions and pictures can be displayed at any point to help operators as well as automatically passing the correct painting programs to all robots without having to change it manually.

Why You Need It
If you have a different mix of parts that require unique hanging, masking, prepping, painting programs, or packaging instructions, Production Manager saves valuable time and alleviates stress on operators. Ultimately, making your finishing operation more efficient.

How It Works
Scan the barcode of your work order and a corresponding tag is placed on a hook on your line. A scanner reads the tag as it passes by and sends the appropriate SOPs and painting programs to both operators and robots so they know exactly how to process the next part.


Production Manager


Know exactly how to process the next part.

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What It Is
Hardware and software that allows a Lesta robot to adapt to changing line speeds on systems using a continuous conveyor so the robot’s program stays in sync with the parts as they pass by.

Why You Need It
Continuous conveyors are always fluctuating from their actual set speed which would cause a robot to not be able to adapt its program without monitoring. Also, with changing part variety and the inevitable slowing or speeding up of a conveyor line due to the size and weight of the part, it’s important to be able to make automatic adjustments to accommodate for these variables.

How It Works
An encoder is placed into the drive shaft of the conveyor and our software is calibrated to monitor the exact speed of the line in real time. Syncro then adjusts the speed of the robot’s program faster or slower to keep everything in sync for greater consistency.



Keep everything in sync for greater consistency.

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Powerful Components

RFID Scanners & Tags
Complements the LeCrob Production Manager and allows you to read a part recipe and send it to the robot and paint booth. Once the robot detects the signal of the RFID tag, the program is loaded in the software and run by the robot.

Lesta SmartApp
Control painting parameters and check production statistics in real time with the Lesta SmartApp. Can be installed on any computer or mobile device.

Automatic Booth Filter Sensor
Ensure safety by automatically measuring air flow to determine if a filter is compromised. Also prevents costly filter changes before it’s necessary.

Automatic Gun Cleaner
Prevent clogged gun tips by programming a stop at the Automatic Paint Gun Tip Cleaner for clog-free production. 

LeCrob PointStudio
Offline 3D programming software that matches the tool path to the actual location of the part to paint large surfaces that humans cannot paint in a fluid motion. Can be used to create entire painting programs or just sections of a program.  After hanging a part, fine adjustments can be made to the offline program to ensure accuracy.

IP Scanner
Add video cameras to your system so you can live stream and supervise any area of your finishing system remotely from a computer, tablet or cell phone.

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