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Our Team

While Lesta robots themselves were originally born in Italy, LestaUSA robots are manufactured, integrated, installed, and supported by our very own team right here in our manufacturing facility shared with DeGeest Corporation in South Dakota. We know North American manufacturing because we do it ourselves.

This is a strategic advantage because the team of people who make and support your Lesta robot have real experience in a production environment where these robots are actually in use. This creates a unique R&D environment focused on creating solutions for general industry.

These are the primary people behind every Lesta robot. Together, they have 57 years of combined robotic experience and 55 years of experience specifically in finishing.

Project Management

  • Chad Carpenter > Automation Manager
  • Brad Ruppert > Applications Specialist
  • Craig Vostad > Automation Safety & Integration Technician

Customer-Specific Design

  • Chad Carpenter > Robotic & Safety Application
  • Brad Ruppert > Spray Application
  • Marty Westra > Software/PLC Integration
  • Marco Gionnio > Structural/Mechanical Engineering
  • Ryan TeGantvoort

Manufacturing Prep

  • Chad Carpenter > Project Prints
  • Hope Kirkvold > Project Onboarding & Scheduling
  • Ron Fuerstenberg > Inventory & Purchasing


  • Mike Wenzel


  • Denny Rozenboom > Manual Welding
  • Corey Larson > Robotic Welding


  • Lenny Gieken


  • Chad Carpenter
  • Josh Roiger
  • Chad Wolfgang


  • Chad Carpenter
  • Brad Ruppert
  • Craig Vostad
  • Marty Westra
  • Chad Wolfgang

Test Lab/Run-Off

  • Craig Vostad


  • Lenny Geiken


  • Craig Vostad/Chad Carpenter > On-Site Installation
  • Brad Ruppert/Marty Westra > Off-Site Support 
  • Ryan Korthals
  • Chad Wolfgang

Finance Administration

  • Julie Peterson

Experience it yourself

See this game-changing technology in the LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Steel Works near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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