Complicated Programming Or Teaching Pendants?  
Not Here.

Lesta robots are self-learning so they mirror intricate human movements without the need for complicated programming or a teach pendant.

During the self-learning mode, a finishing specialist initiates a programming sequence while every single motor in the robot is disengaged. The finishing specialist then manipulates the robot with the help of pneumatics. In this free-float learning mode, encoders in all of the robot’s joints record the motions of the finishing specialist as the training paint job happens. As the movements and gun trigger pulls are recorded, the Lesta robotic software creates the code.

At this point, the finishing specialist initiates the program and sees the end results minutes after programming the robot.

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Robotic Painting & Finishing On Day One

Unlike most robotic painting and finishing systems, Lesta robots do not require complicated programming or teach pendants. It’s so easy that, following installation, you can be painting robotically on Day One.

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Any Size, Any Job

Built for industrial painting and finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials.

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Even Suction And Blow-Off Is Easy

Lesta robots can suction or blow off trapped water on parts during paint prep to free up your people to do other things. Less moisture means fewer paint defects.

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Experience it yourself

See this game-changing technology in the LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Corporation near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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