Powerful Accessories

LeCrob Production Manager 

Manage any paint or finishing production queue easily for seamless analysis and planning of your production plan. Can be accessed remotely and customized to access your current software and databases.


Synchronize robot movements with the movement of your conveyor line for automating applications and programming on continuous lines. Programs in self-learning mode while a part is moving. Can increase or decrease line speed while program adjusts with conveyor.

RFID Scanners & Tags

Complements the LeCrob Production Manager and allows you to read a part recipe and send it to the robot and paint booth. Once the robot detects the signal of the RFID tag, the program is loaded in the software and run by the robot.

Lesta SmartApp

Control painting parameters and check production statistics in real time with the Lesta SmartApp. Can be installed on any computer or mobile device.

Automatic Booth Filter Sensor

Ensure safety by automatically measuring air flow to determine if a filter is compromised. Also prevents costly filter changes before it’s necessary.

Automatic Gun Cleaner

Prevent clogged gun tips by programming a stop at the Automatic Paint Gun Tip Cleaner for clog-free production. 

LeCrob PointStudio

Offline 3D programming software that matches the tool path to the actual location of the part to paint large surfaces that humans cannot paint in a fluid motion. Can be used to create entire painting programs or just sections of a program.  After hanging a part, fine adjustments can be made to the offline program to ensure accuracy.

IP Scanner

Add video cameras to your system so you can live stream and supervise any area of your finishing system remotely from a computer, tablet or cell phone.

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