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Not Your Typical Robot

There are two ways Lesta robots automate the finishing process so you can increase capacity without hiring. In a weightless self-learning mode, the robot duplicates the precise movements of your best painter and repeats them on future parts. Or, it can be programmed using a 2D or 3D scanner to paint panels, drawers, boxes and doors.


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Not Your Typical Integrator

We believe finishing integration is more than just providing a robot that sprays parts. From assessment and system design, all the way through integration and support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your solution was born in a production environment and tested by a team that uses what we sell every day.


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Robotic Painting & Finishing On Day One

Unlike most robotic painting & finishing systems, Lesta robots do not require complicated programming or teach pendants. It’s so easy that, following installation, you can be painting & finishing robotically on Day One.


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Any Size, Any Job

Built for industrial painting & finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid, powder, or fiberglass on metal, wood or composite materials.


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Even Suction And Blow-Off Is Easy

Lesta robots can suction or blow off trapped water on parts during paint prep to free up your people to do other things. Less moisture means fewer paint defects.


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Experience it yourself

See this game-changing technology in the LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Corporation near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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